Club Structure

The Club is organised with a Club Executive that controls the 'umbrella' organisation below which the individual sections of the Club can operate in an independent and semi autonomous manner under the control of the individual section committees.


Club Executive

Chairman - Dan North/ Russell Fermandes/David Kinstone(on rotating basis)

Secretary - Annabelle Hardiman

Treasurer - Alex Fogarty

Welfare OfficeLisa Bhaura/Andy Wale/Paige Mullins (Seniors/Youth/Wheelchair)

Section  Committee

Head of Youth Basketball  - Russell Fernandes

Treasurer - Alex Fogarty

Website - Andy Vale


Head of Senior Basketball - Dan North

Treasurer(seniors) - Helen Price

Ladies Head Coach - Annabelle Hardiman

Membership Secretary - Martin Marshall

Wheelchair  Head of Wheelchair Basketball - David Kingstone

Secretary - David Kingstone